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Business Description:

L'Softworks Limited develops weather database and application software including three database management applications for weather record keeping and applications for weather forecasting, for doing weather calculations, and for display of weather almanac information.

L'Softworks Limited Weather Database and Utility Applications.

The L'Softworks Limited DOS Prompt applications can be ordered on a demonstration CD-ROM that contains all of the programs. These applications are the full version L'Softworks Limited weather applications. The only thing missing from the demonstration CD-ROM are the customized databases for your location or station.

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The L'Softworks Limited weather observation station in Montana is at the Lipinski Boorman Creek Ranch. Observations began in December 2004. The Ranch is located about 7 miles west of Kalispell, Montana. The elevation is approximately 3300 feet. Ranch weather is sent to WeatherUnderground every 5 minutes.

Instruments used: Davis Weather Monitor II and LaCrosse Model 2310 Weather Station.

Ranch Weather
Boorman Creek Ranch, Kalispell, Montana

Lipinski Boorman Creek Ranch Annual Reports

Ranch Annual Report Screen
Ranch Annual Report Screen
Ranch Annual Report Screen
Ranch Annual Report Screen
Ranch Annual Report Screen

Ranch Annual Report Screen
Ranch Annual Report Screen
Ranch Annual Report Screen

Ranch Annual Report Screen
Ranch Annual Report Screen
Lipinski Boorman Creek Monthly Climatological Reports

January Report Screen

February Report Screen

March Report Screen

April Report Screen

May Report Screen

June Report Screen

July Report Screen

August Report Screen

September Report Screen

October Report Screen

November Report Screen

December Report Screen

Previous L'Softworks Limited Weather Observations

Effective March 24th, 2004, the Eden Prairie, Minnesota weather recordings were discontinued. A migration to Montana took place on March 25th and 26th.

Historical Data for Eden Prairie & New Brighton, Minnesota

Eden Prairie: (2004) (2003) (2002) (2001) (2000) (1999) (1998) (1997) (1996)

New Brighton: (1995) (1994) (1993) (1992) (1991) (1990) (1989) (1988) (1987)

The information at Eden Prairie was recorded using a Davis Weather Monitor II system and linked to a computer using the PCLINK system. The system was monitored on a regular basis and a download of the data from the system was done at least monthly to update the weather records for the Eden Prairie, Minnesota, station. I used the PCLINK software from Davis Instruments along with some custom applications to convert the exported data to a format which can be used by either the DAILY application or the LWEATHER application. The report posted here is output from the LWEATHER application. If you need a custom utility to create an input file for use by a spreadsheet, database, or other program, contact L'Softworks Limited and a custom utility application can be written according to your requirements.

Additional weather and news information

Current Minnesota Area Radar

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Ely, Minnesota Weather

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